The history and the future of Korea OA System Office Furniture

Company that introduced the OA system office furniture in Korea

KOAS was established in1984 with the name of ‘Korea OA’, and it introduced the OA system office furniture in Korea to start the new history of a domestic office environment.
Afterwards, KOAS recorded numerous firsts such as receiving the first Golden Tower Industrial Medal, establishing the first government certified company research center in the industry, receiving the first GSA Worldwide Schedule in the industry, and trying the first Hanji standardization project to develop industrial product, etc., and led the history of the domestic office furniture market.

Company that practices eco-ethical management

KOAS minimizes the generation of environment pollution material and green gas under strict environment-friendly production system adjusted to international treaties and government policies and produces environment-friendly products considering the health of the users and the environment. As a result, it acquired many environment-friendly certificates such as ISO 14001. Superior Green Business Enterprise, Environment Product Declaration, etc., and is recognized as a real environment-friendly company.
Also, it insists on the way of proper business management since its establishment, and it is an ethical company having interest in the support for neglected class and domestic industrial development and to contribute to the customers and the society.

Company making the future of the office furniture

KOAS makes products and office environment that provide the best work efficiency keeping up with the rapidly changing business environment with the development of IT. From the ubiquitous office furniture including IT technology to ‘Smart Office’, a new office environment reflecting the development of smart devices and the changing corporate culture, it creates the futuristic office environment for the customers of today.

Global company competing with the world

KOAS informing Korea’s technical ability to the world with export its products to over 30 countries.
Especially, it received GSA Worldwide Schedule in 2010 for the first time in the industry and is speeding up the advancement into the US procurement market. KOAS expands its market with continuous technology development and is the global company competing with famous overseas companies.